The mental and formal bases of the creation of my works are the racing cars, the Formula-1, which is the highest category of car racing.

    From my early childhood I have been loving the Formula-1. In the first Hungarian Grand Prix held in 1986 I was already there, however as a five-year-old child I was drawing cars only into the dust. Since then I have been fascinated by the colourful world of this sport. Our 21st century is the world of technology, and it gets more and more role in our lives. Just as in this sport. Everything seems to revolve around technology. However, people are always present. They make this sport become so colourful, interestingly vibrating and fantastic. The key of this sport is whizzing and speed. The „whizzing circus” is a game. For me, it is still a life-threateningly beautiful game, and I would like to paint such concentrated paintings. My goal is to depict this dramatic game, in which the pilots often play with their lives.

    According to David L. Miller, „the original unity of the serious and the not-serious” is realized in games.

    Eugen Fink argues, that in the game, as in the „symbol of world” there is the heracleitan duality of life and death, creation and destruction, illusion and reality, time and eternity, furthermore the deep structures of the Universe and existence emerge in it.

    Hugo Rahner considers the game as the ultimate symbol of the human existence; as a symbol of such an existence that is both glorious and tragic at the same time. The people are „serious-joyful” when they play; two persons in one.

    My work has always focused on the speed. I have tried to depict it more and more diversely and colourfully and to build up form and structure with different materials and technique with a continuous consistency.

    My study tour in Munich was very important in the respect of my development. In the homeland of BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG.) I was able to study the cars thoroughly. I had an opportunity to visit the BMW Welt continuously where I made sketches. I was lucky, because the BMW Museum was reopened in that time, where I could see old and new Formula-1 cars.

    During my works I have endeavoured to apply true picturesqueness, colours, structure more and more.
    In choosing the colours and the details of the racing cars I attached a great importance to the symbolic meanings which are related to them.

    Art is the special way of expressing our personality and getting to know the world, which can relate people in space and time. A good work of art has something to communicate. A good work of art should be something like a definite rhythm of a strong heart. Its sound should hit us. The artist should create works that cannot disappear over times but alive as precious metal, because only this way can it show the reasons and eternal truths of life.

„Contemporary art is just as contemporary life.
Solving the problems of the age.”

Emilio Vedova